What is Sweet Hut CARD?


Sweet Hut Cards are our new way to give you benefits while making it easy to purchase at our locations. Make a purchase and earn reward points at the same time with your Sweet Hut Card. You can manage both your balance and check your reward points online conveniently.

Sweet Hut cards also make the perfect gift for your friends and family. Not sure what to get them? Get them a Sweet Hut Card and enroll them in our loyalty program Today!

Loyalty Rewarded

Benefits to your card

Get 5% back for every dollar you spent!

Spend $1,  receive 5 points.
100 points = $1 cash value.

Your Sweet Hut card

how it works:

1.  Get your Sweet Hut Card in store.

2. Provide your email address to your Cashier.

3. Register your Sweet Hut Card HERE: to manage your balance and keep track of your points.

4. Enter your email and click "Forgot Password".

5. Your temporary password will be sent to your email.

Make sure to maintain your balance to get rewarded for your purchases


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