Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe is proud to announce an initiative to support our community and our future leaders in the form of a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving high school senior or college student.

Have big dreams? Let’s make them come true. Tell us and show us your dreams - in a photo, a paragraph, an essay, a video, whatever format that exemplifies your big dreams to make your community better.


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About us

A symbol of warmth and welcome, a sense of boldness and refinement, a taste of freshness and enjoyment, an experience of never having enough…… These are what make SWEET HUT Bakery & Café one of a kind since day one.

Influenced by his Chinese/Asian culinary experience, Howie Ewe, the founder and executive chef, is missioned to provide you the ultimate experience of desserts. His passion to creativity and dedication to perfection drives SWEET HUT to improve continuously.  

Featuring over a hundred bakery products and our signature bubble teas and drinks at a very friendly cost in a modern and cozy environment with free WIFI access, we look up to become your favorite place other than home.

We are your friends. We are your family. We are your sweet hut.

Coconut Butterfly Bun

Bakery Goods

With more than one hundred types of buns, pastries, delicacies, toasts, cookies and snacks from all over Asia, Sweet Hut is ready to provide you the most exotic experience with cost as low as a dollar!

Black Forest Cake


Delightful yet not overly sweet, artsy yet sleek looking, all designed with the perfect balance, makes Sweet Hut cakes one of a kind!

Thai Tea & Avocado Slush with Honey Boba

Cafe Drinks

Over 70 choices ranging from different bubble teas, slushes, frappes, to coffees, make your Sweet Hut drink adventure full of surprises every time you come!

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